ControlLogix® Control Systems from 4Sight OT

ControlLogix® control systems from Allen-Bradley (by Rockwell Automation), provide clients in industrial environments with control system solutions that will meet all their needs in terms of functionality, robustness, performance and capacity.

4Sight OT is a leader in the field of Electrical Engineering, Control Systems and Instrumentation, providing clients in manufacturing and industrial environments with control system solutions that are tailored to their specific processes and needs. Get the team from 4Sight OT to design a control system with ControlLogix® products for an effective and efficient solution.

ControlLogix® products and solutions

Allen-Bradley ControlLogix® control systems make use of a common control engine with a common development environment.  This ensures high performance, in a user-friendly environment. 4Sight OT provide the following ControlLogix® control system products and solutions:

ControlLogix® 5580 Controllers: Industrial environments are experiencing growing demands for smart machines and equipment when it comes to manufacturing, and ControlLogix® 5580 Controllers meet all these demands. You can expect increased performance, capacity, productivity and security when installing ControlLogix® 5580 Controllers. Optimised productivity and reduced commissioning time can be attributed to the Studio 5000® design environment on which the standard framework is based. If you require the best controllers for high-performance communications, I/O, and motion control, then ControlLogix® 5580 Controllers is the solution for you. Read more about the specifications and details of ControlLogix® 5580 Controllers.

ControlLogix® 5570 Controllers: If you are in need of a range of controllers that offer the memory, speed, and processing capabilities required for your plant and processes, you will find an effective solution within the ControlLogix® 5570 Controllers range. ControlLogix® 5570 Controllers are available in standard, safety, extreme temperature, and On-Machine models, and are used in Energy & Power Generation Food & Beverage (Dairy), Mining & Metals, On-ship, Pulp & Paper, Railway / Subway & On-vehicle, Water / Wastewater industries and more. Read more about the products, details and specifications of ControlLogix® 5570 Controllers for your application needs.

1756 ControlLogix® Modules: The Bulletin 1756 ControlLogix® modules mount in a ControlLogix® chassis and include a full range of digital, diagnostic digital, analogue, motion control, specialty I/O and compute modules that will meet all your application requirements. Any of the chassis-based modules can be used in the local chassis of a ControlLogix® controller, or in a chassis connected to a ControlLogix® controller across ControlNet™ or EtherNet/IP™ networks. Read more about the 1756 ControlLogix® Modules for your application.

4Sight OT – Recognised System Integrator

4Sight OT is a recognised system integrator for Rockwell Automation control systems in South Africa. 4Sight OT has been providing Electrical, Control and Instrumentation solutions to South African companies for over 20 years, and we have established ourselves as a leading service provider for Rockwell Automation control systems. Let the team from 4Sight OT design and implement a control system that is tailored to your company and process needs. Speak to a consultant at 4Sight OT today to get the perfect ControlLogix® solution for your company.

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